Driving test centres in Bristol

There are a total of three driving test centres in Bristol which are Brislington, Warmley (Kingswood) and Avonmouth all of which are in busy urban environments. The roads around all three centres include one-way-systems, crossroads, busy junctions, and multilane roundabouts as well as high-speed “A” roads.

When booking your driving test it’s important to think about when you are at your best. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Do you like driving in traffic, or prefer the open road? Try to book your test for a time that works to your strengths and you’ll feel more alert, confident and relaxed.

Booking your driving test in Bristol

In order to book your driving test, you’ll need to have first successfully completed your theory test. The normal waiting time for the practical driving test is 6 – 12 weeks and our instructors will be able to advise you when they think that you are ready to take your test. Depending on your location we’ll also advise you on the best centre to choose and tailor your lessons to make sure that you are comfortable driving in the area.

Brislington Test Centre 

Located in Flowers Hill on Bath Road, the Brislington driving test centre is a popular choice with anyone who lives in South Bristol. With busy junctions, crossroads and major roads nearby it provides a thorough test of your driving skills.

Warmley (Kingswood) Test Centre 

From the big roundabout by the test centre to the dual carriageways nearby, Warmley offers learners a real test of their driving abilities. Located in the Siston Centre in Warmley, this test centre caters for learners in the east side of the city.

Avonmouth Test Centre

Situated on Merebank Rd the Avonmouth test centre serves the North West region of Bristol. Here there are plenty of traffic light controlled roundabouts, busy junctions and major roads to test your skills and knowledge of traffic laws.  

Whether you are a new learner driver or have been having lessons for a while, and don’t seem able to progress, at A-Class Driving School we can help. With lessons from just £26 per hour when you block book 10 sessions we’ll help you pass your test so you can start enjoying the open road on your own.