Passing students from September 2019

Passing students in Bristol at A-Class Driving School – September 2019As summer started to fade, relenting rains lashed and temperatures dropped, we still had plenty of passing students in Bristol this September.  Here’s some of what happened this month at our driving school.HassanHassan passed his driving test with A-Class Driving School on September 5th at […]

Extended Driving Test

Extended Driving Tests and Disqualification The extended driving test has been designed by the DVSA for for those who have been disqualified from driving and wish to rejoin the motoring world.  The test is at least twice as long as a regular test (40 minutes), but could be up to 90 minutes in length!  Being banned […]

Passing students from August 2019

Passing Students of A-Class Driving School August 2019The summer continued to produce a healthy crop of happy students passing their driving tests all over Bristol.  If you’re looking to learn how to drive in Bristol why not give A-Class Driving School a call on 07837796842?   We provide lessons from £27.50 an hour when ten are […]

Driving Instructors and Lessons in Stoke Bishop

Driving Instructors and Lessons in Stoke Bishop Looking for driving lessons in Stoke Bishop? At A-Class Driving School our DVSA approved instructors cover the whole of North West Bristol including Stoke Bishop. With expert local knowledge and years of experience, we have helped hundreds of learners pass their driving test at the first attempt. Whether […]

Driving Instructors and Lessons in Clifton

Driving Instructors and Lessons in Clifton Our local driving instructors in Clifton offer some of the most affordable driving lessons in the local area with prices as low as £27.50 per hour (for block bookings of 10 lessons). And, while our lessons may be some of the cheapest around, all of our driving instructors are […]

Passing students from July 2019

Passing students of A-Class Driving School July 2019This summer started with a bumper crop of happy, successful, licence earning learner drivers.  Here’s a selection of a few of them from around Bristol.AndrewOn the 4th, Andrew Thorn saw his driving independence day become a reality when he aced his driving test at Avonmouth test centre with […]

8 Fun Facts About The Driving Test

From the cost of the first ever test to how many people have taken the practical driving test, this blog is packed full of fun facts, statistics and bits of trivia about the driving test. So, without further ado lets take a look at the top 8 fun facts about the driving test. 1. The […]

Driving Abroad For The First Time

Drive Abroad For The First TimeWhether you’re looking to hire a car abroad or take your own vehicle with you, driving abroad for the first time can be a daunting thought. But with some simple precautions and the right mindset, there’s no reason why you can’t take on the challenge and thoroughly enjoy it. In […]

The bad habits that could be damaging your car

The bad habits that could be damaging your carSo, you’ve finally passed your test and your free to hit the open road for the first time on your own. Whether you’re lucky enough to have your own car or are sharing a car with another member of the family, it’s important to be aware of […]

Eco-friendly driving tips

Eco-friendly driving tipsOften one of the biggest factors when picking a car is the fuel economy and running costs. And while some things you won’t have any control over such as the insurance group, you can generally improve your fuel efficiency by around 10 – 15% by following these eco-friendly driving tips. Not only will […]

Why learning to drive an automatic finally makes sense in the UK

Why learning to drive an automatic finally makes sense in the UKHistorically the majority of cars in the UK have been fitted with a manual gearbox which has dictated the need for new drivers to learn to drive a manual car. Over recent years this trend has been changing with a huge number of vehicles […]

Standard lessons vs Intensive courses – which is right for you?

Standard lessons vs Intensive courses – which is right for you?If you are looking to learn to drive then you will probably have come across intensive driving lessons and courses in your searches. In this blog, we’ll take a look at how you can work out whether you’d benefit from an intensive course or if […]

Becoming a more confident driver

Simple steps for becoming a more confident driverFor many new drivers, the thought of going out on the road on your own is exciting but also a littlebit scary at the same time. A lot of new drivers suffer from anxiety which is caused by their lack of confidence. In thisblog, we’ll take a look […]

Top motorway tips for new drivers

Top motorway tips for new driversFor most newly qualified drivers the thought of taking to Britain’s expansive motorway network fills them with dread. And with one in five Brits opting not to drive on motorways, this feeling seems to affect a lot of people. Despite what people think, our motorways are actually statistically Britain’s safest […]

Law Changes

Law Changes There’s been a bit of a shake up recently regarding driving speeds and the law. Pretty much everyone I speak to, leaner and licence holder alike seem to be completely oblivious to the changes, so I thought I’d put together this little post to help clarify and inform you of the changes you […]

Learner legal

Learner Legal: How To Stay Safe On The Roads After Passing Your Test So you’ve passed your driving test — congratulations! You’ve earned the freedom and independence to join the other 48 million motorists on the UK’s roads.But with that independence comes responsibility. We should always strive to be better, safer drivers. Now you’re able […]

Do 20mph zones work?

It’s official – 20mph zones don’t make our roads safer In a four year study conducted by the department of transport, the official findings on the millions of pounds spent to try and make our roads safer has concluded: it didn’t work.On average, the speeds fell by a mere 0.7mph, resulting in no fewer crashes. […]

Strange driving laws and offences in the UK

Strange driving laws and offences in the UK Highway Code applies to all road users in the United Kingdom and it is a set of information, advice and mandatory rules and laws. While the majority of the laws have a large amount of common sense there are some laws and offences that are less well […]

How to buy your first car

How to buy your first carBuying your first car is one of life’s most memorable events and for young people, it brings new independence and freedom. In this article, we’ll help give you the advice to buy a safe and reliable car that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re a parent looking for a car […]