A-Class Driving School's Online Driving Tutorials - Warmley Driving Test Centre - Siston Hill Roundabout

It's unfortunate that this roundabout happens to be right next to the test centre. You could be here within a minute of starting the test. The major issue with this junction is turning right and not being in the best place. What doesn't help here are the markings on the floor or the sign on approach. They both lack crucial elements to make the correct decisions regarding where to be. Even the DSA and test centre recognise this and have a notice up inside the MPTC regarding how to best tackle this one.

On approach, you'd want to be to the right when the single track starts to open up and turns into two lanes. When it quickly splits into three lanes, you would want to be in the middle lane. Both this middle lane and the right turn right, however, it's advisable to take the left of the two when ever given options with multiply lanes.

As you come onto the junction there are no markings of any kind to help guide you. The markings you see on the floor are to help vehicles on the major road, the ring road, get across. You'll have to infer and stay in what would feel like the very middle lane seeing as you started in the middle lane. So by the time you have gone past exit one, you're still in the central lane.

This next part is the hardest section, the movement outwards. Remember, the markings on the ground are not to guide you, this is why they're dashed, we can drive across them. You're wanting to be in the far outside lane by the time you pass exit two. Aim for the grass on the outside as you move outwards. Keep an eye on this and the pavement, it will assist you in positioning yourself correctly.

It may feel like you're about to cut other cars up here by doing this, the cars on your left are all going straight across remember and nothing from the exit you past will be allowed on as the roundabout is traffic light controlled.

If you look at the diagram below there are actually 3 lanes at this stage that all lead you to the same place, south on the ring road. If you find yourself in any of the other two, you're going to need to come back across into the left lane as soon as it is safe to do so.

The issue here will be getting up to a safe speed allowing you to move over. It's a 70 mph section of road, the cars behind you will be accelerating hard, get up to speed, make sure you have a signal on early to alert other vehicles to your intentions, without a signal, how can anyone else help you?

Come over when you can, you can't sit in the fast lane of a 70 mph stretch doing 30 mph looking for a gap. The best way to avoid this nightmare situation is to follow the blue arrow path.

siston hill roundabout