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All double mini roundabouts can prove to be a little bit of a handful, especially when visibility isn't the best. Here, visibility isn't too bad from most directions, except when coming from Peache Road (from the east) towards Downend itself where the shops are. The approach from this direction will look like the images below. The first, on the left, shows the layout of the roundabouts. Note the angle of the road coming from Westerleigh. You will need to give way to cars coming from this direction and will only be able to see once you're at the roundabout. The approach will need to be very slow, I'd recommend treating it like the end of the road in first gear expecting to see danger.

double mini roundabout, warmley driving test centre tips
double mini roundabout, downend double mini roundabout, warmley test centre tips

Another issue with double mini roundabouts is that you possibly (not always) have to give way twice. Knowing where to look and when is of huge benefit. The junction here in Downend is quite stretched out, making the path you have to travel along fairly elongated. The diagram below shows two instances of turning right from two directions.

The important thing is to make sure that other cars around you, through position, know where you are heading. It can be very tempting to make the turn into the new road early to clear the junction. This would mean cutting the markings on the floor and essentially be driving on the wrong side of the road. Be disciplined, cautious and slow to ensure you take the correct path.

downend double mini roundabout, double mini roundabout tips