A-Class Driving School's Online Driving Tutorials - Warmley Driving Test Centre - Bridgeyate Double Mini Roundabout

Yet another double mini roundabout that you may chance upon come test day. The shape of this one is so different from the one over towards Downend, it's worth a closer look to make sure everyone understands the potential issues that could manifest themselves.

I think the biggest issue once again is positioning and making sure that you take the best line and make sure you avoid cutting any corners. This can only be achieved with a low speed, that will also help you with observations when having to give way more than once if crossing both roundabouts.
The blue arrows show you an example of turning right when you need to cross both roundabouts. It's a far more rounded path in comparison to that of the Downend double mini roundabout. Position is key here. It let's everyone know where you are going and the markings on the floor are there for a reason, to keep the cars a safe distance away from one another. You shouldn't be driving over them.

The red arrows show us that it is possible to turn right at a double mini and not have to cross both roundabouts. This is the whole purpose of their design. If the main bulk of traffic was taking the red arrow line and from the bottom of the image cars coming up turning right (where the silver car is) neither of the vehicles would be crossing paths and the traffic would flow seamlessly.

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