A-Class Driving School's Terms and Conditions

Standard lessons are charged at £27.50 per hour. NUS card holding students, NHS staff and members of the armed forces benefit from £26 per hour standard lessons. When buying a block of 10, those qualifying for £26 per hour lessons totalling £260 must pay in advance or at the end of the first of the ten lessons.

Pass Plus for ex-students is charged at £160 for the 6 hour modular course. New students are charged £170 for Pass Plus.

These can be taken in one, one and a half and two hour slots. The length of the lesson will be one full hour. If we are return late due to unforeseen circumstances, we are sorry but cannot be held responsible. Please be ready to start the lesson on time, the start time of your lesson is from the time you have booked. If you have pre-booked a lesson and we arrive at your house/college or place of work and you are not there, we will wait a maximum of 15 minutes before leaving for our next student. When a lesson is pre-booked and you do not show, you will incur a late cancellation fee. See cancellations for more details.

We have our mobile phone with us all day, however, we often teach for the entire day and may only be able to reply at the end due to time constraints. Please leave a message if you need to tell us something. If you leave no message we will have to assume that you do not need to speak to us and we will not call you back. If you are not able to make a lesson, you need to speak with us. A text message is not good enough as these often go missing or are not always received.

We endeavour to check emails once a day and if this is your preferred method of communication, please allow at least 24 hours for a response.

If you need to change or cancel a lesson, we ask for something close to 24 hours notice so we can fill your space. Informing us on the day, the hour before or on your door step will incur a cancellation fee. If you're unwell, we require at least an hours notice. The first time this happens the fee is £27.50 for the lost hour. The second time it is £55 for the lost hour and the time wasted either side driving to and from your house, along with the cost of fuel for the journey. The third time is the last time and you will need to look for a new instructor. If you have paid for ten lessons in advance and cancel three times in a row, in total you will loose 6 hours worth of lessons and the rest will be refunded at the standard rate.

The exam itself will also count as a lesson costing £27.50 (unless you qualify for a discount). It is your responsibility to make sure that you have all your documents ready for the exam. If on the day, you discover that you are missing your licence and cannot take your exam, you will have to cancel resulting in a double cancellation charge (£27.50 for the hour before hand and £27.50 for the exam itself).

Intensive driving courses
Intensive courses are non-refundable. If you decide just before, or half way through the course you no longer wish to proceed, it is impossible for us as driving instructors to fill those hours so suddenly, therefore there is no refund due to the loss of work.

It is also difficult for us to rearrange hours and time tables. Please check that you are able to make the times and dates set out in your course as it could be impossible for us to alter them for you at a latter date.

We ask for a £200 deposit before the course starts to make sure you are committed to the course and again, this is non-refundable, but is included in the grand total.

Block Booking
If you decide that you no longer wish to complete the block booking, we will refund you the outstanding money, but you will be charged at a full rate for those lessons taken as you did not complete the agreed amount of hours. For example, a student buys ten lessons for £260. Block booking discounted lessons work out at £26 per hour. The student after 5 lessons decides they no longer wish to continue. We will refund the outstanding money, but will charge £27.50, the standard lesson rate, for each of the 5 lessons taken. This totals £137.50, so the refund would be for £122.50.

Block booking lessons must be taken within a time frame of 4 months and are non-transferable.