Theory Test

The driving theory test is composed of two parts; 50 multiple choice questions and the hazard perception. You will be told on the day if you have passed or failed. For Bristol, the theory test centre is located in the centre of town, very close to Templemeads railway station.

Bristol Theory Test Centre

Third Floor North Building,
Crescent House,
Temple Back,

Theory test centre Bristol location

bristol theory test centre

There are plenty of free or cheap theory test practise options.  Here's one off of YouTube.  More available if you look.

Make sure you know EXACTLY what you're looking for in the hazard perception section of the test.  This video explains all.

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Free Mock Theory tests :

DSA Driving theory test - Various books are available to help you learn. The websites, Amazon and eBay are good places to locate cheap second hand resources. To save a little cash you could always use the website links below to assist you. - Your key to driving test success - Free mock theory test

Hazard Perception Test

Do NOT underestimate the hazard perception test. This is not a computer game. If you know nothing about it, watch this video, it explains how the test works very well. There is a wide range of products available to practice this; DVDs, CD-ROMs and a few websites offering free hazard perception clips. A word of warning - don't over do it. If you see the same clip twice, stop and get some fresh material. Follow the links below for free hazard perception tests. - LDC offer a free online flash player with 14 hazard perception clips - Information on the hazard perception test with 6 free clips - Has a selection of hazard clips for free