A-Class Driving School's Online Driving Tutorial - Steering

How to steer

Learning how to steer is sometimes over looked by a new driver. Do not underestimate how difficult and important it is. If you can't control where your car is heading, then you're not safe enough to drive down the street.

Keeping your hands at what is know as the "ten, two" position is the safest place to have your hands on the wheel. The position refers to where you would find the numbers on the face of a clock. It's easier to pull the hands down to control the car, than to have to push your hands upwards. So having your hands high on the wheel is considered to be far safer. Hands at "nine and three" is also acceptable.

You will also be expected to use the "pull, push" method of steering. Where one hand pulls the steering wheel down and once the hand is at the bottom of the wheel (in a position where it can go no further), the other hand then pushes the wheel up, completing the turn of the wheel. Watch the video opposite, or use the image to see how it is done.

You can practice at home by using a round dinner plate as a wheel. Sit down (watch TV if you like) and feed the wheel through your hands for 5 minutes to the right, then to the left. You'll see the progress you'll make very quickly.

how to steer