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Reverse bay parking

Reverse Bay Parking - To The Left

There are several ways to do this. I find to the left easier and more convenient, due to driving on this side of the road/isle in the car park.

Using reference points to begin with can help make this manoeuvre very simple.

First off, try to align some part of the wiper blade with the ends of the bays on your left. Something memorable just left of centre is good. The purpose of this is to help align yourself and be perpendicular with the bays and to give yourself a good clearance distance of a meter. The last thing we want is cutting tops of bays as we go in as this could result in crunching parked vehicles.

Once this has been done stop. Prepare, observe and start coming backwards until the first line you come to is visible in the corner of the passenger side window. Stop.

We're about to turn sharply, so make sure your observation now is decent and if safe, get the car moving and turn the wheel full lock to the left.

The car will swing backwards into the bay. Make sure you go slow enough so you can quickly take the turn off when parallel with the bay markings on the floor.

Once in and parallel. Stop and apply the hand brake. You'll be asked by the examiner to then leave the car park. Take note of any potential one way systems and where the exit is.

The POM and leave safely and slowly.

Reverse Bay Parking - To the right

It's essentially the same as to the left with just different reference points.
Firstly you'll want to align the tops of the bays on the right with the top of the speaker. This will give you good clearance on entering the bay without clipping the corners.

Then look for a bay line over your right shoulder. When it's in the corner of your window, stop. Observe, then when safe, fill lock to the right whilst moving and slowly come around into the bay. Don't forget to straighten up your wheels at the last moment.

NOTE - the second reference point of the bay you're using for a point of turn IS NOT the bay you'll be going into.  You'll be going into the one after that.

reverse bay parking

1st reference point reverse when parking to the left is to line up the tops of the bay with the end of wiper blade (yellow dots in Will's Fiat 500)

reverse bay parking exercise tips

2nd reference point is to get the bay line in the corner of the passenger side window (if you sit closer to the wheel, the point would shift forwards to the white sticker in Will's Fiat 500)

bay parking help

1st reference point for reversing to the right is to align the tops of the bays with the top of the speaker (red dots in Will's Fiat 500)

reverse bay parking reference points

2nd reference point when reversing to the right is to get the bay line in the corner of your window when you look over your right shoulder.  Alternatively reverse back until you feel that you're exactly sitting in the middle of the bay.