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Pull up on the right and reverse

Whilst driving, the examiner will ask you to pull up on the right when it is safe to do so. They'll ask you to then reverse two car lengths, keeping reasonably close to the kerb. Once completed, you'll then pull away and re-join traffic when it is safe to do so.

It takes longer to pull up on the right than it does the left, so make sure you choose a decent size gap to park in. You'd be wanting to park somewhere safe, legal and convenient as usual. (Don't park on narrow streets, in front of drive ways, on bends etc). Try to not park in front of another car as it will obstruct your view and make leaving difficult.

You'd be expected to perform an MSM routine for this manoeuvre, but first LADA (Look, Asses, Decide and Act). After identifying the gap you'd want to park in (make sure it's easy to get in and out of), check your interior and right door mirror for things looking to pass you on your right. Be sure to consider the on-coming traffic too. You can't afford to slow down on-coming vehicles, stop if necessary to allow them to pass before pulling over.

Signal to the right to let all road users know you wish to move in that direction.

Then when safe, make your way across to the other side of the street. Aim the vehicle around 1/2 car lengths before the spot where you intend to park, we need this extra space for straightening up. It's essential to finish up parallel to the kerb as any angle from the car in towards (facing) the kerb would see you coming back into the street on the reversing section.

It could be worth checking your right door mirror here to see if you're in line with the kerb or not. If you're wonky, fix it.

Apply the hand brake if necessary and prepare to POM.

Into reverse gear, observe thoroughly behind you, checking over both right and left shoulders before reversing and if safe, slowly come back two car lengths, then stop. If oncoming vehicles are close, it may be best to wait until they pass.

Secure your car with the hand brake.

POM again. First gear, set some gas and find some bite.

Observe checking for on-coming traffic, your interior mirror, left door mirror and left shoulder blind spot check.

Signal if necessary (i.e anything moving anywhere or you have a vehicle in fronmt of you somewhere blocking your view) and move away when safe.

pull up on theright and reverse
pull up on the right and reverse
pull up on the right exercise