A-Class Driving School's Online Driving Tutorials - Mirrors

Why do we use our mirrors? There are several reasons; when we move off from the side of the road and when we are pulling over to stop, when we open the car door to make sure it's safe for other road users, when we change direction for moving around parked objects, when we turn into or out of a road, when we change speed and when we change lanes.

Cars have two types of mirror. The interior mirror is made of flat glass and so gives us a true image of what is happening behind us. All decisions should be confirmed with this mirror. It's also the mirror we use first when changing direction. The other type is the door mirror. These are sometimes shaped a little like the back of a spoon (convex) which enables us to see more of what is happening behind us. The drawback of this is that the objects can appear to be smaller, which leads you to believe they are further away than they really are. This is why we confirm all decisions with the interior mirror.

When you use the mirrors, you must act sensibly on what you see. Never make a car slow down or change direction for you.

Blind spot

There are several of these on all cars - two in front of you and two behind. The most dangerous is the one behind you and to the right. Make sure this is checked, by looking over your right shoulder out of the passenger window before moving off and before each manoeuvre. NEVER whilst on the move. This is because twisting your head in your seat will move your shoulders, arms, hands and ultimately the steering wheel. This is obvioulsy dangerous.

mirrors and their use
mirrors field of view