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Emerging Right

Turing out of a junction to the right is slightly more difficult than to the left so should be approached with caution.

Again, look out for the white lines on the road, telling you a hazard is approaching. You may also have signs appear; give way or stop. The M-S-M routine is once again needed here. So firstly we need to check our mirrors. Interior and right door mirror, looking to see if anyone is trying to overtake you.

Signal up to the right, not too early as to confuse road users behind you and not too late so people have the chance to react to your signal.

Position needs to be adjusted if the road is wide enough, just like with approaching to the right, see if you can get the white lines on the road to run along the right flank of the car by having the lines run down at the corner of the window. Keep your wheels straight.

You need to reduce your speed by gently depressing the footbrake, don't be afraid to get on the footbrake nice and early. You'll also need to get a gear change in here too. 2nd gear is going to be the best gear for most of the time, however, if you can see that the end of the road is sloping upwards or you know that the visibility at the end of the road is awful and there is little chance of emerging safely, than you can go down into first gear. Make sure you come back off the clutch after changing gear, you certainly don't want to be rolling/coasting to the end of the road.

Look as early as you can to the right first, as this is where the danger is, then to the left. If it is clear and you've made a good early decision with excellent visibility in both directions, then you can emerge. Keep the wheels straight though until you have travelled halfway across the new road, and then make a 90 degree sharp turn with the steering wheel. This will get you into your driving position straight away. If you turn the wheel as soon as you emerge, then you are spending too much time on the wrong side of the road and will take you much longer to get into your driving position.

If you approach the end of the road, and it's not clear, or you can't see well enough to emerge then you'll have to stop. Fully depress the clutch to make sure you don't stall the car and keep your left foot still. Make sure you come up to the give way lines. You can do this by using your 3/4 light windows, see photo opposite. You'll also need to go into 1st gear to give you maximum power to get away when you want to emerge.

Remember P.O.M? You'll have to do this here. Prepare the car first, have your feet set the gas and find the bite. If you need a handbrake, use it. And have one hand waiting on the handbrake so when your opportunity comes, you're ready to take it.

You'll need to take effective observations. This means looking left and right as many times as is necessary. Keep looking both ways, even if you know it's clear in one direction, things can change very quickly and it's easy to fall into the trap of car watching.

When you think that you'll not make another road user slow down or change direction because of you, that's when you emerge. Again, keeping the wheels straight until you have crossed the halfway point of the new road, then turning the wheels. Make sure you don't leave it too long before straightening up the wheels or you'll land up on the wrong side of the road and you'll be snaking!

emerging right
emerging right position
emering reference point at end of the road

If you're struggling to find the end of the road, try looking out of your window for this reference point.  When the give way lines are just under your mirror, you're there.