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Emerging left

Emerging can be troublesome for some learners as this is when we start to really use the clutch. Remember the clutch is only used for changing gear and preventing the car from stalling. Look out for road signs such as give way signs, where you may have to stop and stop signs where you MUST stop. Once again we will have to use the M-S-M routine.

Interior mirror first, then the left door mirror. Here you're looking for cyclist coming up on your left hand side.

Signal to the left, making sure you don't signal too early, as this could be misleading to others behind you and not too late so to give plenty of time to those behind to act on what they see you are doing.

You'll need to reduce your speed progressively. Practice early braking, you can do this after checking the mirrors.

Your position should not have to change much at first if you are in your normal driving position. Be aware that some kerbs open out at the mouth of the road and you'll be expected to maintain this gap and follow the kerb around. This position change, I feel, is the key to successful emerging. Forget about observing, it's the last thing in the MSM (MSPSL) routine anyway. Focus on following the kerb round and when the give way lines vanish under the bonnet/dashboard, this is when you'll be able to observe effectively down the street.

To begin with, treat all emerging situations as if we're going to stop at the end of the road. We have to stop for anything on the main road, and not until we're close to a metre away, can we see if it's clear or not, so we're going to be arriving exceptionally slowly. Because we are going to be moving away from a stationary position, or from an exceptionally low speed, 1st gear is going to be the best option. If you can get the gear change in before we get there, even better so we arrive prepared and then only have to focus on observing when visibility finally opens up.

Once you've opted for 1st gear, you MUST keep your foot down on the clutch to ensure we get to the end of the road. Remember, we're stopping and the clutch being down is going to prevent the car from stalling and also stops the engines from pushing the car forward.

When stopping, make sure you come up to the give way lines and that you have some left hand turn on the wheel so that when you do emerge, the car is eased around the corner and not into the middle of the street.

emerging left

Open or Clossed?

Emerging can be the most difficult thing to learn whilst driving. Often the decision to use the clutch or not is confusing. On approach to the end of the road, if it's an open junction i.e. you're driving across a park and can see up and down the new road as visibility is so good, and there are no cars, then there is no need for the clutch.

If however you can see the end of the road is narrow, there are parked cars on either side, tall buildings on either side of you, bushes and trees in gardens and you aren't sure if the end of the road is clear and safe to emerge, then dip the clutch and come to the end of the road slower, perhaps going into 1st gear as this will enable you to move away with more control and with better speed.