A-Class Driving School's Online Driving Tutorial - Cockpit Drill

It's good practice to always ensure you and your passengers are safe. Even before you move away, you can make sure you're as safe as you can be by performing the "cockpit drill". You will be expected to do this during your exam, even though the examiners know you have driven to the test centre and the car is set up for you.

Firstly make sure the car is safe:

Door (1) - Make sure this has been shut firmly. Pull on the handle. Look out for the interior light staying on, this is a clue that something is not right.

Handbrake (2)- Give this a firm tug; make sure it's holding the car still.

Gear stick (3)- Wiggle it from side to side, making sure it's in neutral; otherwise if you start the car in gear, it will lunge forward.

Then on to you:

Seat (4)- Adjust it so you can fully depress each pedal without over extending your leg. There should be a bend in the knee still. This seat is moved with the lever under your seat to the left. You can also adjust the rake (how reclined you like to be) with your left hand turning the dial by your hip. The seat can also be put up or down with a lever at the right side of the seat. And the steering wheel can also go up and down.

Mirrors (5)- Frame the rear window with the interior mirror. Make sure not to leave finger prints on the glass, otherwise this can distort the image behind you. The door mirrors should have a slither of the car door visible and the horizon halfway across the mirror. These are controlled electronically from inside the car. The ignition needs to be on.

Seat belt - The last thing you do. Don't pull out reams and reams of belt, keep it fairly tight and once you have clicked it in, run your thumb and forefinger across the belt to make sure there are no twists in the belt. Twists can lead to injuries in the event of sudden braking or crashing!

cockpit drill