Free online driving tutorials

Welcome to A-Class Driving School's fee online driving tutorials.  Here you'll find every aspect of driving covered and discover how to get yourself up to test standard for the UK driving test.  Each topic contains step-by-step guides on to perform each driving task perfectly in the eyes for the driving examiners, complete with photos and videos to make sure you fully understand and can visualise what will be expected of you on the big day.

For those taking their tests in Bristol we have additional help, advice and information on each of the driving test centres (Avonmouth, Brislington and Warmley), including test routes and tips for what we believe to be the tricky spots on test route.




Adam Baly - Nov 2017

I was taught by Dave Allenby and passed 1st time, thanks to his patience and expertise.
I'm now 40 and had begun to give up hope I could get my license after having taken lessons with 2 other driving instructors in the past, then run out of money to continue the course each time.
Dave was exceptional in his clearly thought out explanations presented with a consistently calm and friendly approach. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone thinking of learning to drive. I am in the unusual position of having had several instructors and Dave was in my opinion the best. He aims to teach you a good driving style for life and exceed the test standards so that you're prepared for driving safely and with confidence after you pass. He has very well researched techniques for dealing with everything and is very good at explaining them. I am now inspired to continue improving my driving style through more experience. I passed with 4 minor faults, which I am eager to improve upon. Looking forward to my post-test motorway lesson with Dave now!
Many thanks to Dave Allenby, an outstanding instructor."