Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic driving lessons are can be a quick, easy and cheaper way to earning your licence. They could also be ideal for those who struggle with concept of the clutch and gears in a manual vehicle.

It's possible to learn in roughly half the time of a manual car, saving you hundreds of pounds in the overall cost of learning.  Lessons are slightly more expensive per hour, but the pay off is well worth it.

Modern automatic cars are superb and the way of the future.  Diesel vehicles are already being phased out and electric cars will all be automatic, so learning in a manual is almost a thing of the past.

The downside is that once you pass your test you'll only be able to drive this transmission type.  However, how many cars do you plan on owning?  One, right?  And when you go on holiday to hire a car, they'll undoubtedly have more automatics than manuals to chose from as the rest of the world has embraced automatics, unlike the Brits, who love to do things the hard way.

We now have a specialist driving instructor, Jim Walshe (07787 380 081), who is based in Redland and mostly teaches mostly centrally and in the north of Bristol. However, why not ask him if you live elsewhere to see what his availability is like and if he can assist you in learning to drive an automatic vehicle.  

His rates are £30 per hour. Ten for £285 or twenty hours for £540.