A-Class Driving School's Online Driving Tutorial - Brislington test Centre - Brislington Hill

This section of road has had a lot of remodelling and since the new road lay out I've noticed an increase in students landing up in the wrong lane through no fault of their own. If you find yourself here, you'll be heading back to the test centre with minutes to go. After the one way system on top of Brislington Hill the road bends left and drops down the hill. You'll see a bus lane on your left, a petrol garage at the bottom of the hill with a pedestrian crossing. It will look like the image below

brislington hill

Once about here you'll need to start thinking about what do next. At the bottom of the hill the bus lane finishes and you'll need to get across. If you don't change lane on the upward section you'll be in the lane for turning right. There used to be information on the road about which lane goes where, but no more, genius I know! The images used here are old google ones, so please exclude the crude markings I've tried to draw on.

The picture below shows how it used to be fine and drivers used to be able to drift position into the correct lane after the pedestrian crossing. The black line is now the hazard line on the floor and if you just carry on going, you'll find yourself in the wrong lane and going the wrong way. The red dots are the path you should take once you have passed the pedestrian crossing, the road as begun to straighten up and hill starts to climb. The routine for changing lane is of course mirrors, signal, manoeuvre. I recommend doing it sooner rather than later as you could potentially run of road and everyone else around you knows where they are going and will dink into that lane at the earliest given opportunity and then you're trying to merge with speeding traffic really giving it some ploughing up the hill.

bristol hill