A-Class Driving School's Online Driving Tutorial - Avonmouth Test Centre - Coming onto The Portway, Sea Mills

Coming onto any dual carriageway is tricky enough. The vast majority of your observational emerging experience is judging the speed of vehicles travelling 20 to 30 mph. With a dual carriageway they could be doing anything! So, making sure you can see as far down the road as possible is important, otherwise you could find yourself pulling out in front of someone and slowing them down, resulting in a fail.

The issue with the entrance to The Portway, here in Sea Mills, is that the give way lines are in an awful position. There is no way of being able to see all the way down the street for a speeding vehicle simply by stopping at them.
The reason for the lines being so far back is for the bus stop. The bendy buses use The Portway and need additional space and time to get into the bus stop and out of the way of traffic.

So, what you'll need to do is come to the end of the road. Stop at the line. Check for the bus, then edge forward until you're in a position to see clearly all the way down as far as possible. During a lesson, I once witnessed a Porsche travelling at what must have been around 150 mph. It's essential to come forward enough to observe effectively for this eventuality.

You can see in the photos, the give way lines are about a car length from actually being on the actual part of the road where vehicles travel. This is close to where you need to be to be able to see properly.

You may even be able to see where the old give way lines are. Stop just before these. Failing that, where the dark and light coloured tarmac meets is another easy visual reference to use.


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avonmouth test centre tips
avonmouth test centre tips