A-Class Driving School's Online Driving Tutorial - Avonmouth Test Centre - Henbury One-Way System

Several test routes run through the one-way system in Henbury, which is very close to Blaise park. When heading up the hill over the mini roundabout into the one-way system things aren't so bad. The road is narrow and bendy, so take it slow and stay in the middle of the carriageway. be aware that some times mini buses stop here and slightly block the road. Once the road opens up, stay to the left in your normal driving position and follow the road ahead. If you stay too wide you could be forced to the right and back down the one-way system.

avonmouth test centre tips, henbury one way system

When coming from the opposite direction it's more of a challenge. As you pass the park you'll be forced to sweep round to the left. Before you turn (Marked A on the map) make sure you are aware of what is coming towards you. Some of the oncoming traffic could be entering the one-way system with you and before too long those cars are going to be on your right hand side. You'll start in the left hand lane, but almost always there are cars parked in this lane and so need to use your mirrors to get slightly wider (B). You'll also be asked to turn right at the end of the road, but CAN NOT move across into this lane until you are asked to. Make sure you MSM and get the signal off (C) once in your lane as there is a little side road on the right and signal still on could lead people behind you to think that you're taking that exit, or have cars pull out in front of you. Once past the little right hand turn (D), MSM again to the right and when you emerge into the new road, remember you're now in a two way road and need to get back to the left hand side of the road (E).

henbury one way system, avonmouth test centre tips

This is the view from the car just as you enter the one-way system, with the park on your right. You can see the no entry signs in front of you, so you'll need to sweep to the left, as highlighted by the arrows on the floor and the blue signs in front.
Beware the new 20 mph speed limit as you come around the corner.