A-Class Driving School's Online Driving Tutorial - Avonmouth Test Centre - Leaving the Test Centre

This guide to leaving the test centre may seem over the top, but leaving the DVSA facilities is harder than you might think. You'll be starting in a bay (hopefully facing forward), sop make sure you POM thoroughly before moving, remembering there are possibly another 10 learners all leaving at the same time.
Within car lengths you could be having to give way to cars from the right coming leaving the circular car parking bay area, so be ready to stop there. Then seconds later you'll definitely need to stop at the first stop line. There is no sign, just STOP written on the floor accompanied by a solid white line. You MUST stop at all stop lines, no matter how clear you think it is.

The arrows will now guide you around the large truck MOT testing building down a narrow one way ally. At the end there is another STOP line. Again, you must stop here. Once you get going, stay to the left in your normal drive position, to the outside of tarmacked area.

Once you've gone around the outside and coming back on yourself you'll need to stay in lane and next to the building (bearing right avoiding the new MOT testing lane) until you reach the end where you'll need to follow the signs on the floor labelled EXIT, which requires you to drift back to the left and the outside near the bushes.

The simply follow it around to the exit where you'll receive instructions on either turning left or right.

Watch the video below for greater clarity.

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