What Steps You Need to Take to Raise Your Driving Game

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How to up your driving game

There is nothing as important as driving safely. Our decisions affect not just ourselves, but others around us. That’s why we all need to commit to becoming better drivers. Below are some tips to help you get cruising in the right direction.

Know Your Coverage

One of the most important things you can do to stay safe while driving is knowing your insurance policy inside and out. There is a range of options available, from liability to complete coverage, and each one gives you different benefits. By knowing precisely what your chosen insurance will assist you with — for example, does your car insurance cover repairs in the event of an accident? — you may find yourself driving more cautiously. If you know that you’ll be completely responsible for any damage done to your vehicle, you might be less likely to consider any risky driving habits. Therefore, the first step you must take to get better behind the wheel is to read your insurance policy very closely.

Stay Alert

Unfortunately, driving while exhausted is an all-too-common occurrence. With long work hours and habitual lack of sleep, around 37 percent of people have admitted to being tired and subsequently falling asleep while driving. In fact, being drowsy impairs one's senses to the point where we behave almost as though we’re drunk. It’s nothing to be blasé about, so, if you drive frequently, you need to get better sleep. To do so, make your bedroom calming, be sure your mattress and pillows are actually comfortable, use relaxation techniques, and put on soothing music. With a little extra help, you can create a routine that could make sleeping easier. Another way to feel less sluggish and increase your energy level is to take a multivitamin every day. Multivitamins with vitamin B can help you metabolize your food which gives you more energy.

Ditch Distractions

Another leading cause of accidents on the road is driving while distracted. And while you may immediately think of cell phones, it could be anything that takes one's focus off the road. In particular, that might mean an argument in the backseat, eye-catching billboards, or even snacking while cruising down the freeway. So, to help stay alert and focused while driving, turn off your smartphones, keep the music down to hear traffic or emergency vehicles, and avoid heated conversations. After all, your primary duty is to the road.

Slow Down

It may seem like there is nothing worse than being stuck behind a slow-poke in the passing lane, but speeding is dangerous. Every year, tens of thousands die in crashes related to going over the speed limit. Yet, you also waste more gas when you go fast, and you’re less likely to notice traffic signs or hear an emergency vehicle. Of course, it can be tough to break the habit, but it’s worth the effort. Even if you’re running late, the risk of an accident cannot outweigh any possible benefits. Instead, start planning ahead and leaving earlier to avoid the temptation of leaning heavily on the accelerator.

Manage Sobriety

Many of us drink, but there is little more dangerous to ourselves and those around us than driving while under the influence. Our vision, depth perception and ability to make decisions all become impaired, and our reaction time turns sluggish. Should you be caught driving drunk, you’ll be arrested, and you may lose your license and insurance as a result.

Being on the road is perilous. A momentary mistake behind the wheel can have drastic consequences that will follow us our entire lives. Don’t be haunted by something you could have avoided, and take the steps you need to take to become a better, safer driver on the road.

Image courtesy of Pixabay