Learner Legal: How To Stay Safe On The Roads After Passing Your Test

So you’ve passed your driving test — congratulations! You’ve earned the freedom and independence to join the other 48 million motorists on the UK’s roads.

But with that independence comes responsibility. We should always strive to be better, safer drivers. Now you’re able to drive the roads solo, here are a few tips to help you stay safe on the road.

Never Use Your Phone While You’re Driving

texting whilst driving

This might seem like an obvious one, but there are thousands of motorists across the UK who regularly ignore this, often with dangerous results. Of course, using your mobile phone while you’re driving is illegal, and could result in you getting points on your licence, a hefty fine, or even an outright ban.

Even if you don’t actually use your mobile while driving, even the sound of it ringing can be enough to distract you from the road momentarily.

Keep your phone on silent and hidden away in a bag or glove compartment. If you really need to take a call, pull over somewhere safe to do so.

Don’t Give Lifts To Your Friends Right Away

driving with passengers

When you’ve passed your test, it can be tempting to have your friends pile into your car for a long road trip somewhere. But while that sounds fun, it’s important that you keep distractions to a minimum in your early days of solo driving.

Having other people in the car talking to you or each other can divert your attention away from the road, increasing the chances of an accident. Instead, focus on getting used to driving alone.

When you’re comfortable being behind the wheel solo, you’ll be better prepared to drive with other people in the car.

Take Advantage Of The Latest Tech

sat nav, car tech

Driving has changed hugely over the past ten years. In the past, drivers would have had to make do with common sense, heavy planning, and lots of practice. But today, there is a wide range of tech available to make driving easier and safer for everyone.

For example, many new cars come with built-in screens that provide real-time traffic updates and lane departure warnings. It’s sophisticated stuff that makes driving that bit easier. Also, you don’t even need to purchase an expensive sat nav anymore! You can just buy a specialised car holder for your mobile phone and you’re good to go. There’s plenty of other tech you can use too, such as parking sensors or a rear view camera like this.

Shop around to find the tech that you need to be a better, safer driver.

Always Take The Time To Rest

driving whilst tired, dangerous driving

As you become more confident in your driving, you’ll feel ready to take longer journeys on the roads. These can be tiring, so it’s important that you take regular rest breaks whenever possible.
Accidents happen when you’re fatigued or sluggish, so don’t be afraid to pull over at a service station for a rest.

And even if you’re only nipping to the shops quickly, you should only do so if you feel fully rested. If you’re feeling tired, either get the bus or get someone else to drive.

Always Keep Learning

driving skills, improve your driving, road to improvement

Just because you’ve passed your driving test, it doesn’t mean your learning stops. You should always keep learning and staying abreast of driving best practices.

You might also be interested in taking some advanced driving courses. These are optional lessons that are designed to give you a more solid footing behind the wheel.

Many are aimed at specific areas of driving, such as motorways or travelling in bad weather, so they’re great for improving on aspects you’re not confident about.

As well as advanced driving courses, there are also driving schemes such as Pass Plus that can improve your driving and keep you safer on the roads. Pass Plus consists of at least 6 hours of extra one-on-one tuition, and can even help bring down your insurance.

Now you’ve passed your test, you should always try to be the safest driver on the roads.

Follow the tips above and always keep bettering yourself — it’s up to you to stay safe behind the wheel.